Connecting smart-minded women to drive success in work & life

How the sisterhood works

"I love connecting with the other members and attending such high-quality workshops. Bec has brought in some incredible mentors to teach on such important topics that we all struggle with but don't know how to access the solutions. The group sessions are great, you feel so supported and get to know each other on a level that you would normally take so long without this kind of forum. "

-Olivia Brinkworth

Want to access the power of the collective?

Weekly online networking & discussion groups

Fortnightly coffee mornings

Level-up sessions - online & in-person workshops & masterclasses

Quarterly goal setting workshops with monthly prompts and check-ins

Monthly facilitated dinners

Access to members portal & directory


$45 / month

"I'm so glad I joined Little Stones. It's such a welcoming space where I can get support on so many aspects of life. I've connected with women I would never have come into contact with & been able to have conversations about things like money, feeling stuck & some of the obstacles we face that we think are unique to us.

I feel so supported and know I have an army of women I can reach out to for advice and championing me every step of the way."

-Alesha Taylor

Join the network with a difference - we exist to support professional women achieve success in work and life and we would love to welcome you to the club!


What is Little Stones

LS Group is an online and in person community for driven and ambitious women. LS was created to reduce the overwhelm so many of us feel when trying to learn and implement the skills required to live a successful life.

Covering all areas of life; Mind, Body, Money, Relationships & Work we provide resources, masterclasses and events where members can access information and take part in conversations that encourage learning, debate and action.

Think of LS as the friend you call when you need some extra support or the place you can go for some trustworthy guidance.

Who is Little Stones for?

LS Group is for the woman who wants to make the most of her opportunities and who wants to be surrounded by her peers while she does it.

Our members are defined by an attitude as opposed to an age range or job title. We work with brave, intelligent women who are open to new learnings, strive for change and growth and who cheer for others to achieve their success.

Can I still join if I live outside Australia?

Of course, all of our masterclasses are delivered online so if the time difference means you aren't able to attend the online sessions, you can access them in our catalogue. You will still have access to our member portal and members only Facebook group which will allow you to communicate with the LS community.

Can I cancel at anytime?

If you are on a monthly subscription you can cancel at anytime. If you have paid annually, you can cancel your membership and you will still have access to our portal and member benefits until the end of your term as you paid up front. If you feel you are not getting value from your membership, please book in a call with us so we can work to rectify this.

Can I access recordings if I miss the masterclasses?

Of course, all of our masterclasses will be available in the member portal to be watched as many times as you like.

I have a lot of commitments, will I have time for this?

Truth is, you will need to invest some time in LS to get the full benefits. It's like anything, the more you put in, the more you will get out.

But we have structured LS to avoid overwhelm so this can be something that is done a few times a week in small chunks and this can become your secret weapon, dip in to a community of supportive women who will cheer for your success and help you to get un-stuck on the days when you just can't.

What is the onboarding process?

You will receive an email sequence that we need you to read. These will get you set up in the portal, help you with the navigation and get you established with a 'success path' which will provide you with some guidance of what to work on and who to connect with.

You will be able to sync with our events calendar so you know what is coming up and we recommend you reach out in the Facebook group to introduce yourself and connect with the other members.

Can I attend Masterclasses if I am not a member?

You sure can. If you are not a member, you can access individual masterclasses for $20 each. You will also receive ongoing access to that masterclass.

You can achieve more than you ever thought possible when you know you're not doing it alone.